Mariage a l’indienne 2013

“Mariage a l’indienne” =  “The Indian wedding”

First of all, our thanks go to Google. The search for “Indian” revealed the image of an American Indian and a lady of the Indian subcontinent! Thatp gave our designers the inspiration for our theme – the marriage of two ethnic groups.

In mixing two ethnic groups of people with different cultural traditions, we use their clothing identity as skeletal base to build up the garments of this collection.

Material such as silks of various thickness are woven into various designs and motifs with gold and silver threads and tinsels. Leather is decorated with embellished multicolored mirrors to give new dimensions. American Indian tattoos and graphics patterns are used in the printed material to enhance the uniqueness of the collection.

Colors such as white, black, brown, luscious emerald, indigo, royal blue, orange and golden yellow are selected to make a brighter summer.

When it comes to men’s tops we emphasize luxury and elegance  in the THEATRE classic style to be worn with pieces inspires by clothing from India and American Indian breechcloths. In women’ clothing we stress the waist line with drapes and fringes of various styles in the manner of Indian female garment to give the body a soft and lean silhouette. 

This SUMMER 2013 COLLECTION is an exclusive THEATRE presentation. We proudly present “one of a kind” pieces, particularly tailored from exceptional material especially for fashionable and precious clients.